Tom Flídr

Freelance developer, trainer & consultant,
primary platforms: JS/PHP/C#/VB.NET/MySQL/TSQL.

I love to create unusually specialized tools that make work-life easier for me, people around or people on my IT trainings. Experience in IT has taught me, that time is money, therefore it decides about the developer quality, how well he can weigh these two things against his inappropriate precision of source code :-)

More Ab☼ut Me

CV (Czech, English)

Open $ource Projects (Github)

.NET Desharp, Databasic.NET, Pooler
JS/TS Ext.TS, Web Dev Server for Node.JS, Notepad++ JS/HTML Formatter Plugin, Ajax.JS, jDiet.JS, GradientOverlay.JS, ClassAdvanced.JS
PHP MvcCore, SReality RSS
SQL IMDB Training Database

Linked In, Stack Overflow


Tom Flídr
Mělčany 65
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Czech Republic

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